Riber Soft

ACS Applied Energy Materials (2019)

Thickness Limitation of Band-to-Band Tunneling Process in GaAsSb/ InGaAs Type-II Tunnel Junctions Designed for Multi-Junction Solar Cells

This article reports on the impact of the thickness and/or the composition on the performance of type-II n+ InGaAs/p+ GaAsSb tunnel junctions. The InGaAs/GaAsSb staggered band-offset heterojunction is expected to improve tunneling properties. Devices have been grown by molecular beam epitaxy with various thicknesses and/or Sb and In concentrations. For thin elastically strained type-II tunnel junctions, the electrical characteristics exhibit degraded transport performances compared to the reference p+ GaAs/n+ GaAs tunnel junction structures, while much better tunneling peak currents are achieved with strain-relaxed thick type-II tunnel junctions. Based on a theoretical analysis of the local density of states and the band-edges profiles of the type-II tunnel junctions, we propose a suitable design for type-II tunnel junctions with high tunneling current density toward their use in multi-junction solar cells.


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